24: The Myth of the Ideal Private Yoga Client

I’ve got another solo episode for you today and we are going to talk about what I call, The Myth of the Ideal Private Yoga Client…

I’ll tell you all about this phenomenon, where it came from, the good intentions of the online marketing coaches who teach it, and the negative effect I see it having on the yoga world.

Part of the reason people who teach online marketing are so heavily invested in this idea is because the better you know who you’re selling to, the more specific your marketing can be– so the thinking goes.

While this holds some truth, i think the usefulness of this thinking is quite limited  and in this episode I’ll tell you why. I’ll also give you some really good news…you don’t have to wait for Perfect for Your Clients to finally show up. I’ll show you how you can love the clients you already have. 🙂

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

My training, The Science of the Private Lesson™ Online

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3 Responses to “24: The Myth of the Ideal Private Yoga Client”

  1. Lisa

    Excellent podcast thank you! What do you think about the site lessons.com or any other sites that help you find clients?

    Best! Lisa

    • Francesca Cervero

      Hi Lisa! I think it’s important to follow your intuition. If you use those resources and find clients who will be genuinely engaging, present and appreciative – you’ve got it made! xo, Francesca

    • Francesca Cervero

      Hi Lisa! Just popping back in again after I had chance to check out lessons.com — I hadn’t heard of it before. I have never used sites like that, but on first glance this one looks like it could work — especially if you’re having trouble finding that first client. My perspective has always been that when you do great work with clients who appreciate you, they will recommend people to you and you don’t have to spend too much time looking for new clients. Have you ever used a site like this one? How did it go for you? I’d love to hear!


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