109:  The Ten Things Saving My Life Right Now

Hello! After a long maternity leave I’m back in front of the podcasting mic and so excited to be here. This episode is quite a departure from our usual conversations about the craft of teaching yoga. Since I’ve been out for so long I wanted to connect with all of you in a more intimate way, so this episode is more personal than usual! 

I’m going to share the Ten Things Saving My Life Right Now to give a little inside peek into my season of life, my plans for teaching and how I’m calling in support. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • all the places I’m getting support as I make this big transition
  • what I replaced social media scrolling with
  • all about the best food delivery service I’ve ever used!
  • the online communities where I love to hang out
  • my favorite places for online asana classes
  • how I slowly started teaching again this summer
  • where I keep all my to do’s organized
  • a breakdown of my entire fall weekly schedule! 

I mentioned a ton of websites in this episode… Here are All The Links!

The Lazy Genius Podcast
The RSS Reader: Feedly
Design Blogs: Chris Loves Julia + Emily Henderson
Real Eats: get $40 off your first box here
New Parent Support Group (Local to the Washington, DC area) www.pacemoms.org
The Mentor Sessions Sangha: Yogateachercommunity.com
Francesca’s Virtual Yoga Studio: StillnessAndMovement.com
Detour Virtual Studio
Kula Yoga Project
Romance Writers: Jasmine Guillory + Kate Clayborn
Erin Condren Large Hourly Parent Deskpad
Francesca’s Pilates Teacher: Toronto Movement Therapy

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