Teaching Yoga Online: Resources, Support and Love for Teaching During a Global Pandemic

These are intense, unprecedented times. I know so much about your day to day life has changed in the last few weeks. As yoga teachers, our work just became quite challenging. But if you (and your students) have a computer and an internet connection, it is possible to stay connected with your students, continue to teach and continue to make money. Below I share several training videos I made just for y’all, as well as the resources I made for my own students to make the transition to online teaching possible. I hope you find them helpful. Please know I am holding you, loving you and supporting you from my home here in Takoma Park, MD.


Teaching Yoga Online {video}

Teaching Yoga Online, The Tech {video}

Teaching Yoga Online, The Tech (PDF)

Teaching Pilates Online, Training for The Pilates Firm, Las Vegas
One of my best, oldest friends owns a brick and mortar pilates studio in Vegas. We met up and recorded a training for her staff to help them move their lessons online. 

My First Online Group Class- Friday, March 20th
After class, I offered to stay on and answer any questions people had. Mostly fellow teachers stayed on and asked questions and gave feedback about their experience. You can skip to the end and watch just that part!

RESOURCES from Francesca:  

  1. Zoom manual (PDF) – so you can see how we made it pretty
  2. Zoom manual (WORD)  – so you can copy/paste the text directly and use it as needed
  3. Letter:  Moving Private Students to Online (WORD)  – this is the exact letter I sent to students to inform them I was moving to online teaching. Feel free to copy/paste the text directly and use it as needed
  4. Group Online Yoga Classes: The process (PDF)– step by step instructions for teaching live, group classes online
  5. The Case for Teaching Without Demonstrating – teaching that relies on language to convey important information, including subtle movements, instead of relying on the use of our body to teach


Tuesday, March 10 (video)
This video was recorded as the yoga community here in the US was just coming to terms with the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, some of the advice is very outed (ie: what mat cleaners are best if you’re still teaching group classes) but some of it will still be very supportive (ie: how our collective nervous system is responding to this trauma and the important role yoga teachers play in the global pandemic).

Teaching Private Yoga Lessons Online (Old Video)
This is a video I created two years ago right after I started teaching a private client online. It has some good advice in it, although much of it will be covered in the newer videos also.

RESOURCES from Others

General Resources:

Teaching Online:

8 Responses to “Teaching Yoga Online: Resources, Support and Love for Teaching During a Global Pandemic”

  1. Laurie Croft

    Thank you so much for making these videos! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this for the last 10 days. I am just so grateful for you. Here’s my question:
    Could I do the first couple days for free and then charge them money? And then how would I change the zoom link or can I lock it? I have had a few people buy a 30 day unlimited package at the beginning of the month so they still have days left. Maybe I just offer it to them?

  2. Betsy Paul

    The information is very helpful; however, what is the process of accepting payment on Vimeo and ensuring that people have paid for the class? I set up an account with Venmo. Does that work with Zoom. Thanks!
    Betsy Paul

  3. Gail

    Thank you so much Francesca, what an amazing resource! I’m about to teach my students online instead of in person for the first time tomorrow (!) – & found this from you – so generous. I’m ready now with all your brilliant tips! Thank you 🙂

  4. Sadie

    OMG, you guys are AMAZING! I haven’t been ready (at all!) to tackle this issue, to teach, or practice in any way, shape, or form. The one thing I was certain of tho, was that I would be. That these feelings would pass, and that YOU guys had my back when that time came. And that time is now. Simply to investigate, not quite ready to teach, yet. I’ve just watched both these gorgeous videos and feel so supported and held. It is a MINEFIELD of content out there right now… I’ve had to switch it all off for a time. Much, much love to both of you, and for anyone else that reads this <3 Sadie xx

  5. Lika Elwood

    Hi Francesca, thank you so much for all the resources. I have a few questions. Do you record all your group class videos so the students will have access to them later, or is it only for your use? Do you ask ALL your students the permission to record it or tell them its recorded before the class? I am just trying to figure out the privacy of the students. Also, can you control on zoom whether your students can record the online class with you?

  6. Michelle Solotar

    Hi Francesca and Jess — Thank you so much for all this insightful and useful firsthand information and for the articulate delivery. So good:) I am bookmarking your site, and keeping this page with the videos & other resources to consult as needed as I embark on this journey in virtual teaching. The one topic you didn’t discuss was security. I know Zoom has a way to limit who can attend/participate in these gatherings, but do you have any tips about that? I heard about a class that was “visited” by a naked man performing lewd acts; funny, in its own way, but invasive and a bit frightening. (Yet another reason to stay away from social media outlets, which are vulnerable to lurkers and random “traffic,” as in a YouTube live meditation class I attended today which was visited by and commented on by a weird person.) What are your thoughts on maximizing security on Zoom so that this doesn’t happen?

    • Sadie Wells

      I woke in the middle of the night thinking about this too last night (let’s not go there as to why!) and would be curious to know more. I have a “troll”, it’s a family member, it’s a long story… but I just don’t want her to find this format, given that she’ll have more time on her hands!! So security will be great for peace of mind 🙂


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