69: Teaching Yoga Online

These are intense, unprecedented times. I know so much about your day to day life has changed in the last few weeks. As yoga teachers, our work has become quite challenging. But if you (and your students) have a computer and an internet connection, it is possible to stay connected with your students, continue to teach and continue to make money if your family depends on your yoga teaching income like mine does. 

This episode was pulled from a video training I shared, along with many other resources, on my blog. You can find all the videos and other resources I mention there

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • all the different ways you can teach online and the ONE way I most recommend
  • how to support our students in taking the plunge to practicing yoga online and how to onboard a new student
  • what to keep in mind while you’re teaching, and why I recommend using almost exclusively verbal cues
  • the equipment I recommend using for teaching yoga online
  • and more!

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3 Responses to “69: Teaching Yoga Online”

  1. Lisa Foster

    Thank you so much Franscesa, yo say say what I think and feel and fill me with confidence. I’ve been overwhelmed by the prospect of going on line. Worrying exactly about the things that you mention and your other teachers have been worried about, the value the experience, its some how something less, will it translate, if I’m demoing how can I be watching and supporting my students. But so much reassurance from you in this podcast. I have been teaching a few private clients and it is really hard, people think it isn’t but it is … so I am so pleased you said that too !!! I have been holding back from taking others online, fear I guess. But am now planning to email my others students and say I am online. And just checking my email I have an email from one of them asking me about online as she misses our yoga! I feel so much more confident to just try, be patient with myself but more importantly be able to be there for my students. Something that was bothering me. But I guess I needed some time to “get there” in my head and bolster my confidence for delivering in this new world. Thank you for being there and for your honesty and generosity in sharing, I always come away so uplifted and inspired from your video’s. Keep safe and keep well. Warmest wishes Francesca from the UK.

  2. Patricia do

    Francesca, thank you for this podcast. Teaching on line is new to all of us and it’s very reassuring that we are feeling the same concerns. I agree it’s so hard and wipes you out. The verbal cues can be tricky and puts you on another level of confidence or no confidence. I am taking your weekly classes for teachers . So wonderful. Thank you for all your insight and support

  3. Chris Pederson

    I like how you said that yoga teachers can stay connected with their students through the internet. My wife was really into yoga before COVID-19 hit. She misses it so I’ll see if I can find an online yoga class she can join.


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