68: Teaching Yoga in Corporate Settings with Samantha Harrison

NOTE: We recorded this podcast episode months ago, and life was different back then. I decided to release this episode for y’all now anyway for three reasons: 1. I thought it might get your creative juices flowing if you find yourself teaching non-traditional yoga classes…2. Sam is being treated as an employee by some of the companies where she teaches and will still be paid, even if the company is closed, so corporate gigs can provide some good stability…. And 3. I thought you might be interested in listening to some yoga-related content that isn’t about the virus or teaching online, just as a change of pace.

Teaching yoga classes in workplaces can be a great way to bring yoga to a population who otherwise might not have access to it, AND an awesome way to create well-paying teaching opportunities for ourselves. 

BUT…these teaching gigs can feel elusive and hard to find! Plus the logistics of managing these contracts can feel tricky even when you do make a potential connection! Teachers ask me for advice about this topic all the time, and honestly, it’s just not my specialty. 

Luckily I know an AMAZING yoga teacher who is an expert in finding and teaching corporate yoga clients. Samantha Harrison teaches alignment-based vinyasa and gentle yoga in Greenville, North Carolina, and has been able to fully support her whole family (kids too!) teaching corporate and private yoga clients.  

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • how Samantha landed her first corporate client
  • all the different Class Format Options and the pros and cons of each
  • who to contact at a company and what to say in the initial reach out
  • how to write a proposal and a contract and what to include in those documents
  • who should pay for the class and how to accept payment

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