The Science of the Private Lesson™ Online Training

Teaching yoga one-on-one requires a different skill set than teaching group classes, and these unique skills are left out of most teacher trainings.

The ability to build a deep bond with a student, which allows for meaningful change to arise, is built on a foundation of self awareness, connection, trust, and curiosity. These skills, once tapped into and developed, come through in all your encounters and relationships, including teaching in a public setting.

Let me be your online mentor, guiding you in the science of teaching private yoga sessions and providing you with the support and knowledge to gain the confidence you need as well as the income necessary to maintain a sustainable yoga teaching career.

The online teacher training program is modeled after my popular 35-hour The Science of the Private Lesson™ in-person teacher training, and this 7 module course will cover:

Course Breakdown

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As you know, teaching in a private setting requires different skills than teaching in a public setting. The ability to build a deep bond with a student, which allows for meaningful change to arise, is built on a foundation of patience, trust, connection, self awareness, and curiosity. In this module we learn to tap into and develop these skills so that they may come through in all your encounters and relationships, including teaching in a public setting. {Here in the introduction we set the stage.}

Module 1 :: Create the Space

It is likely that when working with a private client you will not be in a yoga studio. You might be in their home, office, building gym, or other less than desirable location. (!) Teaching yoga outside of a studio setting can be challenging; especially a private session, which has an emphasis on connection and intimacy. In this module you will learn how to turn a hectic environment into a sacred space. It is the first and one of the most important tricks I can teach you. {We begin by creating a safe and necessary container}.

Module 2 :: Hold the Space

We help hold this yogic space we have created by taking a strong seat as teacher. When we use clear language, we help hold the yogic space we have created. The power of our grounded presence cannot be underestimated. It is the small, often unnoticed moments that happen between a yoga student and their private teacher that build trust and {professional} intimacy. Most yoga teachers miss these important moments and the chances they provide for building relationship, modeling yogic behavior, and subversive teachings. In this module you will learn why massive interruptions can be fantastic opportunities, and how to talk to your most difficult clients so they will listen to you. {We are starting to dig deeper and deeper now...}

Module 3 :: Meet Your Students Where They Are

Profound positive personal change, as well as meaningful global change, is possible through the practices that teach us about compassion and the interdependent nature of our world. I believe that introducing more people to the deeply healing benefits of yoga has the power to completely transform our society. And I believe it is up to us to figure out how to reach people, by meeting them where they are.

To truly meet your students where they are, we must distill yoga to its most central teachings. In this module we will do the inner work that is necessary so you can teach yoga in a way that is both deeply meaningful and totally accessible. We will also discuss how to love even our most difficult students, and what kind of evolution we can expect from them. {Now we are at the heart of the work.}

Module 4 :: Observation and Assessment Skills in the Private Lesson

It is important to create sessions that address the specific physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of your students. In this module we will look at several ways to make assessments about our student's experience. This will include assessment tools such intuition, deep self awareness, and dialogue with our students. We will also look at the importance of curiosity, and we will discuss what it means to teach the Yoga of Discernment. {In this module we begin to understand the framework that supports our private sessions.}

Module 5 :: Getting Organized

The clarity and strength of the yogic container is of the utmost importance. Here we learn how to create and hold boundaries for ourselves and our student. Having clear boundaries in the relationship between you and your client is one of the most challenging and important things I can teach you. We identify the five different kinds of boundaries and learn that having clear boundaries in the student/teacher relationship creates the structure that allows for meaningful work. {Setting clear boundaries...soooo important.}

Module 6 :: The Business of Private Yoga

Confused about how to accept payment from clients? Frustrated with a wacky schedule? Don’t worry, we’ll talk about all of the nuts and bolts of running a private yoga business. Heard you were supposed to brand yourself, but not sure what that means or think it sounds yucky? I hear ya, and in this module we talk about what it means to create a brand that is an authentic representation of our teaching. Exhausted but feeling guilty about spending time and money on your own self care? We will take a deep look into the idea and implementation of self-care and talk about why it matters so much to our students. {This module includes the final steps to create a helpful framework for your private yoga business.}


We review and breakdown the last 12 weeks of this program, highlighting the key points and takeaways. {Close out this module with a strong foundation, deep sense of the heart of the work, and clear framework to use as you move forward as a private yoga teacher.}

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Hours of Footage of Real 1x1 Lessons

Over the course of the last several years, Francesca had a filmmaker come and film her teaching five 1x1 private lessons. Three of these students were longtime students of Francesca's, and two were people she had never taught before. You’ll get to see many kinds of private lessons ranging from a session with an experienced yogi in his 20's to a 65 year old man who had very little yoga experience and everything in between.

Hear from Past Online Training Graduates

I debated for weeks on whether or not this training would be "worth it." Having completed many hours of yoga training, including a recently completed yoga therapy certification (800 hours), I had to ask myself if I was simply addicted to learning. The answer was yes I am addicted to the lifelong learning that is yoga AND, also, this training is so completely unique and geared towards what I most need right now (working 1:1 effectively with clients) that it filled a gap much larger than I even knew I had. What I loved most was how accessible Francesca makes the training (as a mama of three little ones a virtual delivery is ideal), how organized and well thought out the content is and how immediately useful it was to me. I began practicing what I was learning that first week and immediately saw the benefit to my clients. More than that, my growth through the training has caused me to really enjoy the process of working 1:1 with clients more than I ever have...with skillful action comes ease. I may not always have the "answer" for clients (if there is such a thing) but I can approach our sessions with a new found grace and confidence that makes the whole experience richer for us both.

Tracy DeBellis

Great Falls, VA

I thoroughly enjoyed learning The Science Of the Private Lesson. It has reminded and taught me how to be a better individual, tuning into my intuition and inner self, and then translating that into being a private yoga teacher. The methods & Francesca's teachings were really effective, easy to understand material and I was able to apply them with clients concurrently. My private yoga teaching practice is slowly growing and I'm so thankful to Francesca and her team as I gain this new insight, confidence, intuitive skill in becoming a better private yoga teacher, serving the community one at a time.

Amanda Ling


I am so grateful I made the decision to take Francesca's Science of the Private lesson. I had never taken an online course, always preferring to do live trainings. Francesca's style is so engaging and personal you feel like she is right there with you. The slow drip of the 12 week program really has a powerful effect. The Facebook group and group calls really give you a connection with her, and she is so generous with her content and the help she offers. I received more than a training for work, I also learned how to lovingly take care of myself in the process. Francesca's heart and passion for teaching is wonderful and the content is so rich. You won't be disappointed you took the course.

Valerie Loridans

Shreveport, LA

Francesca Cervero's online training, The Science of the Private Lesson, is an incredibly thoughtful and well put together series of modules (and tons of bonus clips). She helped me think about teaching a private session in an entirely different way than I ever had before. Her training really digs deep into not only the art of offering a private lesson but had me dig deep into myself as well to access newfound strength deep within myself. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful training.

Sarah K.

New York City

Taking part in The Science of the Private Lesson online training took my 1:1 sessions to a whole new level. I'm so much more confident and gained many new tools on how to structure private classes and connect on a deeper level with my students. I'd recommend this training to any yoga teacher who either teaches privates currently or is interested in offering one-on-one instruction to clients.

Heather Delia

Louisiana, USA

This course will only be offered once per year!

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About Francesca

Francesca Cervero

Francesca is a full-time yoga teacher and yoga teacher's mentor. She has been teaching yoga in New York City and Washington, DC since 2005 and the foundation of her teaching practice comes from OM Yoga Center's style of alignment-based vinyasa. Her teaching is also inspired by the years she spent in physical therapy, a deep study of anatomy, and the Buddhist writings of Tara Brach.

Francesca believes that introducing more people to the deeply healing benefits of yoga has the power to completely transform our world and the best way to get more people practicing (mindful, therapeutic) yoga is to raise the bar of professionalism for yoga teachers. She hopes that yoga teaching can be a career path that is respected and allows for sustainable income. She believes that the responsibility is on us as teachers to be worthy of, and demand such respect. Francesca teaches a full practice of private clients and also works teaching and mentoring yoga teachers in The Science of the Private Lesson™.

Do you want to teach more private clients? Do you feel depleted from running all over town teaching tons of group classes? Do you feel drained from teaching the private clients you do have?

I hear you! I have been there too. But it doesn't have to be this way.

It is possible to inspire and support meaningful change in your students' lives in a way that is sustainable.