6: How To Teach Better Private Yoga Lessons

In our initial yoga teacher trainings we learn how to teach safe and effective group classes, but what do we do when only one person shows up to class?? Or how do we teach a new student who requests a 1×1 lesson?

The truth is, teaching yoga in a 1×1 setting in a way that is both accessible and meaningful for the student AND sustainable for you, the teacher, requires a unique skill set that is not taught in regular yoga teacher trainings.

Luckily, there is a simple set of tools that, combined with your teacher’s intuition, will make your private sessions enjoyable for you and useful for your client.  

In this episode I’ll share my four step process to help you teach better private lessons.  In addition, I’ll share with you concrete examples from my own teaching to help you troubleshoot with some of your trickier clients. It’s an info-packed episode today, so go ahead and dive in.  

Also in this episode:   

  • I share what I think are the biggest differences between a group class and a private class.  
  • We talk about how to help a private client self-assess their needs.  
  • We’ll talk about why it is important to know the intended benefits of each pose, and how to teach that discernment to your client.  

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8 Responses to “6: How To Teach Better Private Yoga Lessons”

  1. Robin

    I love your perspective and approach to teaching private yoga sessions. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  2. Lisa

    This was fantastic! Thank you for including creativity as a important aspect of private sessions. This is one of my favorite things about teaching…


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