“Do you play music when you teach?”

This question comes up all the time in my Facebook group for yoga teachers. It seems like an innocuous question, and I’m more than happy to answer it, but it’s interesting because it really gets people riled up! First there is the Music Camp: These are people who love music and feel like it really… Read more

Raising Rates is NOT About What You Are Worth

I recently asked teachers in my Facebook group to share with me what they find most challenging about setting and sticking to an appropriate rate for private lessons and the floodgates opened. Over and over again teachers confided they are uncomfortable charging a certain price, even though they know they are worth it. People told… Read more

Is there any purpose to practicing “advanced” asana?

Hey guys, this is a long one. If you’d rather listen to it, I recorded the whole thing right here for you! Is there any purpose to practicing “advanced” asana? I would like to propose that when speaking about yoga, the word “advanced” does not describe what one is doing, but the way in which… Read more

Current Group Class Schedule @ Willow Street Yoga

Tuesdays from 6:15pm-7:30pm Aligned Vinyasa Flow (in Silver Spring ) Fridays from 10am-11:15am Aligned Vinyasa Flow (in Takoma Park) Fridays from 12pm at 1:30pm Aligned Vinyasa Flow Advanced (in Takoma Park) Aligned Vinyasa Flow offers a continuous flow of postures in which students become more fluent in asana practice. Students will build endurance, improve their ability… Read more

Trusting What I Know: On Becoming a Private Yoga Teacher {Guest Post}

Today I am so honored to have my buddy Daisy sharing her wisdom with you. Daisy is a smart and fun yoga teacher; she teaches a creative and intelligently sequenced vinyasa class at Willow Street Yoga Center, where I teach also. She took my live teacher training in March of 2014 and has seen so… Read more

My Story: Pain As A Teacher

I want to talk about pain. I want to talk about physical pain and yoga asana and becoming better teachers. I want to talk about my pain and I want to talk about all of us becoming more loving, helpful people. I want to share a piece of my story. I do this in the… Read more

The Odds ARE Stacked Against You, But It Is Possible Anyway

A Success Story by Julie Weber When I set out as a new yoga teacher a few years ago, I had heard time after time that the odds were stacked against me. That it was nearly impossible to build a sustainable and profitable career as a yoga instructor. That I’d have to hustle my buns… Read more

The Science of the Private Lesson: Introductory Workshop

  Sky House Yoga 911 Silver Spring Ave, Suite 201 Silver Spring, MD 20910 240-398-3526 Do you want to teach more private clients? Do you feel depleted from running all over town teaching tons of group classes? Do you feel drained from teaching the private clients you do have? I hear you! I have been… Read more

Private Reflections: A Story of Change and Success

Private Reflections – what I learned from The Science of the Private Lesson: Online by Tiffany Loescher What an honor it has been to study private yoga under Francesca along with other yoga teachers from around the world through her online training, The Science of the Private Lesson™. We “graduated” about four months ago and… Read more