13 self care practices, products and teachers you need right now

Making a life and a living as a yoga teacher is HARD. You don’t need me to tell you that. But, I am here to tell you that it is hard for me too! I’ve done the long, inconsistent hours of teaching. I’ve run all over the city to piece together enough work to make… Read more

Year End Review: Everything is in Transition {Part 2}

As I write this I am sitting on the train on the way home from a quick trip I took to NYC this weekend. I absolutely didn’t have time to take this trip, but I did it anyway. I’ve got several full days of clients this week. I have barely started my holiday shopping. My… Read more

A Short Meditation for When Life Feels Hectic {Audio}

Hello dear ones. Does your life feel crazy right now? Mine does! In lieu of our regularly scheduled blog programing, today I recorded a short guided mediation for you to practice with. How this works: pour yourself a glass of water or make some tea sit down in a comfortable place press play on this… Read more

My Story: Pain As A Teacher

I want to talk about pain. I want to talk about physical pain and yoga asana and becoming better teachers. I want to talk about my pain and I want to talk about all of us becoming more loving, helpful people. I want to share a piece of my story. I do this in the… Read more

Your Private Yoga Questions…Answered!

  I am just back from a fabulous vacation and beautiful wedding on the beach in South Carolina! One of my oldest friends got married, and it was quite the party. The groom and I have known each other since 1986! Our parents are best friends and he was the person that introduced my boyfriend… Read more

Self Care Sadhana…my morning ritual that changed everything…

Having a consistent, daily contemplative practice has radically changed my relationship with myself. For many years I had a pretty regular asana/meditation/running practice but it was random and irregular. In the fall {in the midst of some really challenging personal times} I made a very strong commitment to myself and and my daily practice. At… Read more

Everything is in transition

I’ve been moving through a major life transition, and as I am coming out of the other side I have been reminded of some deep truths:: Nothing is permanent. It is possible to use a yoga practice to learn to be fully awake and totally present for the moments of transition in our lives. Everything… Read more

Mentorship Applications– Last chance in 2014

  I will be opening just two spots for my Three Month Mentorship Program, to start the first week of August. These two spots are the last opportunity to work with me 1X1 in 2014. Interested? Get all the details here and scroll down to apply! AND! I am so excited to announce that I will be… Read more

Absolute Yes and No Lists (Self Care for the New Year)

My teacher Sara Avant Stover is a shining example of how to be a productive, active member of the community, while maintaining the kind of spiritual and self care practices that allow for a meaningful life, guided from within. She has been an amazing role model for me in “self-acceptance, spiritual depth, worldly accomplishment, balanced… Read more