How does my Online Training differ from my Live Training?

So, you heard the news right? I now offer The Science of the Private Lesson both in a live week-long training, and a 12 week online training. Woohoo! Blood, sweat, and tears have brought to life work that I feel deeply passionate about, in two totally different formats, and I am so proud of what… Read more

How I Manage To Teach 8 Private Yoga Clients In One Day

Do You Yoga   |   October 2014

After I mentioned to my last teacher training group that I teach eight yoga clients on most Wednesdays, they were in shock. They asked, “Isn’t it exhausting teaching several private yoga classes in one day??”

And I said,”Yes, of course it is.”

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Mentorship Applications– Last chance in 2014

  I will be opening just two spots for my Three Month Mentorship Program, to start the first week of August. These two spots are the last opportunity to work with me 1X1 in 2014. Interested? Get all the details here and scroll down to apply! AND! I am so excited to announce that I will be… Read more

What You Say Matters

As you probably know, I work with my fellow yoga teachers in an offering called The Science of the Private Lesson. In that work {in both the live group training and one on one mentoring} I teach them all the things that can and should differentiate a private lesson from a group class. One of… Read more

Video Introduction: I Am So Happy to Connect With You Here!

Hello there! I am so happy to connect with you here! I will be posting regularly and would love to answer your questions about yoga, teaching private clients, best business practices and anything else you come up with for me! First I’d like to introduce myself. I made a video for you discussing how I… Read more