How much of your private yoga lessons should be planned ahead of time?

This question came in on the blog a few weeks ago: Hi Francesca, Thank you for taking the time to answer questions! I wonder how you format your class content if a student does not lead you to it by way of the questions they answer during the intake process? IE: Do you just create… Read more

Mentorship Applications– Last chance in 2014

  I will be opening just two spots for my Three Month Mentorship Program, to start the first week of August. These two spots are the last opportunity to work with me 1X1 in 2014. Interested? Get all the details here and scroll down to apply! AND! I am so excited to announce that I will be… Read more

What You Say Matters

As you probably know, I work with my fellow yoga teachers in an offering called The Science of the Private Lesson. In that work {in both the live group training and one on one mentoring} I teach them all the things that can and should differentiate a private lesson from a group class. One of… Read more