What kind of person can be a successful private teacher?

“Does it take a certain kind of personality to be a successful private teacher?”

This is a question I get asked all the time. Or, sometimes, people will tell me, “Oh, I can’t teach private lessons because I’m too social and outgoing, and it is not enough stimulation for me.” Or, “Oh, I can’t teach private lessons because I am too shy and introverted and it is too uncomfortable for me.”

So the short answer? No, it does not take a certain kind of personality to be a successful private teacher! Anyone (who is a skillful and well educated yoga teacher, and who WANTS to) can teach private clients with great meaning and ease!

One of the most important aspects of successful private teaching is a deep amount of self awareness. To be able to manage the inherent awkwardness and vulnerability that exists for both parties in a private session with grace requires the ability to feel your own subtle emotional shifts. It is also necessary to be able to sense the subtle energetic shifts in your client on the spot, and understand how you are affecting that.

What our students need most from us is our consistent, authentic presence. {Tweet me!}

The more grounded you are in your unique expression of teacher, the more deeply you will be able to connect with your students. THAT is some of the best business advice I can offer you! <3

“Do I need more experience as a group class teacher before I attempt to teach private lessons? Do you think a new teacher could learn the unique skills necessary to teach happy private clients?”

I started teaching private lessons early on in my career, and I figured it out as I went along. I think the qualities that are most important for a teacher to work successfully with private clients are the confidence and ability to hold the energetic space in a both strong and loving way. I believe this is fueled by a deep amount of self awareness (as I said above) and some serious and solid anatomy and therapeutics knowledge. I do think you will have more success more quickly if you are taught the unique skills that are required to teach one-on-one. I highly recommend you do as much teaching and practice teaching as you can. One of the best ways for you to figure it out is trial by fire. {While paying careful and close attention to the way you and your student are responding to each other.}

In regards to my teacher training {The Science of the Private Lesson} much of what I intend to do is empower teachers to be able to hear, trust, and act on their intuition. {As well as give you some tangible, actionable tips to make your private teaching more meaningful and comfortable.} Everything you need is already inside you. I would so love the opportunity to teach you how to uncover it and use your depth as a teacher to uncover the depths within your students.

So, tell me friends, do you want to teach more private clients? Did you ever think that you didn’t have the “right” kind of personality to be a private yoga teacher?

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