Step 1: Watch Francesca’s Video:

Step 2:  Download and print the Current & Ideal Schedule

(Francesca specifically feels the “pencil to paper” exercise is necessary!) 

Current Schedule
Ideal Schedule

Step 3:  Document your current schedule

Document your current schedule (life & work) including how much you charge per client, how much you make (on average) for each group class, and your hourly rate for any other paid work you do.

Step 4:  Create your ideal schedule

Imagine it’s three to five years in the future and everything has worked out better than you ever could have imagined.

Step 5:  Scan these two documents and send them to Jess

Email your two schedules to [email protected] by the close of day Friday, May 29 for Cohort A or Friday, June 5 for Cohort B.  Jess will package your schedules for Francesca to review prior to your call on Monday.

If you don’t have a scanner, our favorite scanning app is GeniusScan.  It turns a photo into a PDF that can be attached to an email. 

If you have techy questions or concerns, email Jess!