63: Self Care is Bigger Than You Think with Gracy Obuchowicz

The term self care is ubiquitous in our world today and since yoga practice is an important part of self care for some people the topic comes up for us yoga teachers quite often! Also, it can be difficult to practice good self care as a yoga teacher running all over town trying to make ends meet, so I am really excited to introduce you to my friend Gracy today! 

Gracy Obuchowicz is a Washington, DC-based group facilitator, retreat leader and self-care coach and a very good, real life friend of mine! She is also a certified Integral Facilitator, a 500-hour registered yoga teacher, and a continuing scholar of Ayurveda.

She has written a book about self-care called selfcarefully that covers a wide range of topics and the relationship they have to self care including self-care & setting boundaries, self-care & soaking grains, self-care & the patriarchy, self-care & the moon, self-care & consumerism and self-care & perfectionism, just to name a few! 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  •  how the phrase self care originated and became part of our everyday language
  • some thoughts about the criticism that self-care is consumerism thinly cloaked as wellness and that self-care individualizes systemic problems
  • some of Gracy’s foundational self care practices
  • a self care growth edge for Gracy 
  • and the one self care practice she recommends to the yoga teachers all the time!

Learn More From Gracy:

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