61: Rethinking Yoga Teacher Training with Cecily Milne

I’m honored to call Cecily Milne a friend. She is thoughtful, smart and an amazing force for change in the yoga world.  As the creator of Yoga Detour, she is seen as a yoga “integrator”, helping people bridge the gap between the yoga they already love and the other things, like strength and mobility, they’re becoming increasingly curious about. You can find Cecily teaching digitally through Detour Method Online and traveling around the world introducing people to the transformative power of intentional, inquiry-based learning and movement.

To hear more about Cecily and her approach to incorporating “non-yoga” movements into asana classes listen to our previous interview on Episode # 32!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • a conversation about yoga teacher education and critical thinking
  • what might be missing from many yoga teacher training programs and how we can add it back in
  • the hallmarks of high quality teaching in yoga and movement spaces 
  • the most important skills a yoga teacher needs to develop and the best ways to do that

Learn More From Cecily:

Who’s Afraid of the Pregnant Yogi Online Course
Who’s Afraid of the Pregnant Yogi is a five week course taught by my friend  Deb Flashenberg, the founder of The Prenatal Yoga Center in NYC. In the course you’ll learn all about the anatomical and physiological changes of the pregnant body so you’re able to offer safe and appropriate modifications for a pregnant person in a non-prenatal group class.  When you use the code, “MENTOR” in the promo code box at checkout you’ll get access to an exclusive training video called, “How to teach pregnancy safe abdominal toning“. This is crucial information because we don’t want to cause damage to mama’s abdominals muscles with incorrect asanas or exercises, but she does need a strong core to give birth! (Here is the link!)

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