46: Resistance Bands + Yoga with Giulia Pline and Laurel Beversdorf

More and more yoga teachers are incorporating resistance bands into their teaching because they can be a wonderful complement to the movements found in a traditional asana practice. We are super lucky to have TWO amazing teachers who are EXPERTS at this joining us on the podcast today for a roundtable discussion on incorporating resistance bands into asana classes.

Giulia Pline is a Threes Physiyoga Method teacher and she combines corrective exercise, functional mobility work, and knowledge from the physical therapy world with yoga. Giulia has developed a series of resistance band and yoga workshops that integrate resistance and mobility work for greater proprioception, strength, awareness, and spaciousness in the yoga practice.

Laurel Beversdorf  is the creator of Yoga with Resistance Bands Classes and Trainings and Body of Knowledge™ Anatomy and Biomechanics workshops. A Yoga Tune Up® trainer and senior teacher and teacher trainer for YogaWorks, Laurel is an interdisciplinary movement educator specializing in anatomy, biomechanics and yoga teaching pedagogy.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • why Giulia and Laurel started incorporating resistance bands into their movement practice in the first place
  • some examples of the ways YOU might like to bring resistance bands into asana classes
  • the most interesting benefit resistance bands can offer a yoga practitioner
  • the most challenging part of incorporating resistance band work into your asana classes
  • the kinds of band brands that Laurel and Giulia love!

Learn More From Giulia:

Learn More From Laurel:

Giulia and Laurel’s  favorite Brands of Bands!:

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