I feel that I’ve had a miraculous transformation since meeting you.  Your kindness, compassion, lovely energy, brilliance, wisdom, sense of humour….I could go on…has been life changing for me.
With the popularity of yoga over the years, I feel that yoga has become far too trendy and more about whether you can place your foot behind your head, how nice your yoga pants are and whether you have the latest yoga mat!!  I do feel the pendulum is starting to swing back (slowly) to the importance of its historical roots;  the power of yoga’s healing properties, spiritual aspects and how life transforming it can be in a way that flexibility, nice pants or mat, doesn’t matter.   You are greatly contributing  to the pendulum swinging back with how you teach your students and the incredible knowledge and wisdom  that you so kindly are willing to share with your yoga teacher clients!!  You are the real deal.  You are so authentic.  Don’t under estimate the power of this.  It can change the world by one better and more authentic yoga teacher at a time and with yoga students that are experiencing more peace, joy and presence.
I learned so much from you.  My confidence has increased immensely.  I feel that my teaching abilities have improved with all of my students; group and private.

Anita Barnes

I left with an entirely different mindset than how I came in; being freshly out of my Yoga Teacher Training I was still absorbing and processing the immense amount of knowledge that was covered in the past six months.  I felt unsure of what my skills were, what I had to offer, and if I was even teacher material;  I was subconsciously  disappointed in my skill level and knowledge; I unrealistically wanted to be better than how I perceived myself to be.  I was not meeting myself where I was!

After leaving your course I left understanding that what I had to offer was exactly what others needed to receive.  I left with the knowledge that if I just relaxed and trusted myself I would be able to provide a service to people who are looking for the exact thing that I had been looking for, and I knew I would be able to teach them with this very complex and multifaceted tool called yoga.

Trish Baird

Portland, ME

Francesca is current, relevant, inspiring, and authentic.  She’s a teacher with a wealth of knowledge and welcoming presence.   After taking her training I’ve gained the confidence and know how to not only enter the intimate space of a private session, but to lovingly hold the space for self-exploration and even a little bit of fun.  She encouraged me to view myself as a professional and to create standards for the work I do, something I’ve had difficulty with in the past.  I’m so grateful for the chance to study with someone like Francesca, a true master of her craft, a teachers’ teacher.

Teresa Wynne

Burlington, VT

I feel more comfortable in the public space because I realize that I have the power to connect with each student privately even in this setting. I would recommend Francesca and this training to yoga teachers who are looking to become yoga professionals.  To build their businesses with confidence, whether that is with private clients or even just teaching public classes with more intimacy and connection.  I gained so much from your training on many levels. I went into the training expecting my teaching to be improved but came out of it feeling more presence and connection to everyone I interact with.

Julien Hatfield

Chicago, IL

I felt I was taught the true meaning of yoga.  Not in words as much as in action.  I got to experience what it was like to have someone truly be there just for you and to have such present awareness towards everything you say.  I felt seen and not judged.  Not only did I learn invaluable information about teaching private lessons- more importantly how to treat myself and other humans. I want to put this experience into practice in my daily life.  I would recommend this training to anyone interested in helping themselves or others.  

Tiffany Fisk


I of course imagined that my private teaching would grow and change as a result of the training, but I didn’t expect to see such a shift in the way I teach my group classes as well.  I am meeting them where they are, I am honing my observation skills, I am trusting my intuition, I am listening more attentively.  I also have so much more confidence with my students and when speaking about what I do. Just two days after the training ended I got a brand new client, which is surely no coincidence.

Julie Weber


Francesca…conveys her expertise in such a way, you will leave the training feeling like you had a life enriching experience. If you desire to provide better service, deepen your practice, and your client’s practice sign up for this training.  [I am] making…deeper connections with my private clients in a way, I never thought of…using my intuition more, and no judging.

Sonja Anastasia


I had a tremendous shift of motivations. I went in looking to increase my private business from a largely financial perspective and now I am much more excited to serve students in a more personal way. To see how their body responds to the practice to see them grow and challenge myself to create the “perfect” practice for them.

Jennifer McCarthy


Since our last session I have been continuing to practice what I learned in my time with you. I could give you all the happy little updates for all my clients…but overall I can tell you that I feel like the subtle shifts we made together have revolutionized my work. My number one takeaway is that my confidence has gone way up, simply because I am finally bringing my full self and skills to my sessions…And I’m more present and appreciative of the fact that the big changes are simply a series of small changes done consistently…I feel like a door has been opened for me, and I see a lot of opportunity to be of service to the world, which is really exciting.  Thank you so much for working with me and sharing your wisdom and expertise! You are definitely a role model for me and I aspire to evolve my work in bigger and deeper ways like you have.

Stephanie Slawek

Hartsdale, NY

I would certainly recommend Francesca to ALL yoga teachers who are passionate to grow as a teacher and make teaching into a sustainable career. Francesca is savvy, witty, HONEST and AUTHENTIC. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and shares all her secrets with how to create a highly successful private practice. Francesca creates a fun space for learning and covers all the components of how to run a professional private yoga business. If you would like to create a life you LOVE by helping students to transform their lives and happiness, enrolling in Francesca’s course is a no brainer. Highly, highly recommended.

Fern Langham


The emphasis on creating and holding a space with my authentic presence…was transformative, as well as the reminder that came from it: “you can’t heal/help others if you can’t heal or help yourself.” I took this to heart during the week. I felt Francesca’s authentic presence and it radiated to us as trainees. I felt myself raising my own bar that week, and I’ve been continuing to afterward…Being so close to everyone in that intensive week was what allowed the bigger spike of clarity and calm…Francesca reminded us that beneath any and all hardship, you still can call upon your innate goodness and peace if you look for it. You don’t have to always be in tip-top shape in order to give an excellent yoga session that can deeply affect clients for the better.

Danielle Foley

Redford, Michigan

I was looking for two obvious outcomes–how to find (and keep) more private clients, and how the most effective way to approach a private lesson might be different than I’d been assuming.  I confirmed TWO new private clients today. I give you a huge amount of credit for this because just a week ago your workshop helped give me the confidence in my teaching to put myself out there a little more! AND I found a student who will make a website for me at a discounted rate in exchange for a few privates. And I now feel like I have the tools to hopefully keep them coming back. Here’s to keeping this ball rolling. THANK YOU!

I expected to learn a few new things, but the workshop completely shifted my perspective on what it means to work one-on-one with an individual, gave me a deeper sense of confidence in my own ability to teach, and even helped me develop more clarity about my “voice” as a teacher. Completely unexpectedly, it’s impacted how I approach group classes as well–I feel a little bit more in touch with my authentic voice, and I also feel a keener attention to each individual in classes–almost like I want to give each student a moment of personal attention in a deeper way than I had before. I can’t think of a yoga teacher who wouldn’t benefit from working with Francesca.

Jessica Goldberg


After completing the Science of the Private Lesson, I feel more confident about what I have to offer and feel you’ve helped guide me in a suitable direction for me at this time in my life…You’ve encouraged me to dive right in and be ready for just about anything! I believe the time and energy we spent focusing on figuring out and sharing our current desires, fears, and niches was a pivotal part of the training…The way you’ve modeled balance in teaching, business, and relationships has had a profound, unexpected effect on me.

Claire Koepke

Worcester, MA

Thank you for your kind comments and your support.  I look forward to following your journey on your website and consider you a friendly mentor that I can reach out to on my journey!

Lisa Marie Riggins

Cabin John, MD

I gained so much more than I ever imagined and am very happy that I took the full teacher training.  It was…very transformative for me and has really changed the way I view my own yoga practice and the potential to serve as a yoga professional.  The training also helped confirm for me that I prefer the opportunities available in a 1:1 teaching setting to build trust and a rapport to go deeper into the teachings of Yoga…not just the asana part.

Mila Crowther

Washington DC

I didn’t realize how comfortable it would be to teach a private. I like that you can ask questions and I feel a great transfer of energy between myself and the student. It’s invigorating!

Alyssa Miller

Shavertown, PA

After the training with Francesca, I am, “giving up the need to be perfect because I am not psychic and trusting that my intuition leads to me to create a space that is close enough to what I think they need at that moment AND what they think they need at that moment.”  My clients have “had a greater access to be still and I know that is normally really, really difficult for them.

Shanna Follansbee

Washington, DC

Thank you for such a thought-provoking and heartfelt weekend. Your passion for this work and for elevating our industry is contagious. I loved the balance between the subtle, transformative, intuitive side of private teaching and some really tangible, grounded guidelines. So much to digest and integrate over the coming months as well as some immediate action steps that I’ve already implemented with my clients. This was definitely one of the most helpful teacher trainings I’ve done. You rock lady!

Clare Ryan


I was looking for guidance, inspiration and connection when I signed up to work with Francesca. I received all three! I am more confident leading private sessions. I am ‘meeting my students where they are’ and able to push them further than before just like Francesca is pushing me.

Cheri Tower

Arlington, VA

I have relaxed around what I expect from myself. A lot of tension arose any time a student talked to me about something I didn’t know how to address or didn’t understand. It still does but now I can tell them I don’t know and feel that it’s ok to offer a less structured class and try different options with the student until we find one that works. That’s pretty liberating. I would recommend it to anyone who is afraid of teaching privates and to anyone who is used to teaching in the community, either in a studio or in a park or at a school. Things change a lot when you go into a private session. I would also recommend it for anyone who is interested in teaching privates around the world. Francesca’s classes on Skype were great and we had a lot of discussion about issues that were pertinent to my teaching.

Anne Ferguson

Geneva, Switzerland

(I would) absolutely (recommend Francesca)! I will recommend it to ALL my fellow teachers. She has so much knowledge — it’s absolutely inspiring. I thought she had a great approach to breaking the information down and allowed plenty of time for questions.

Sara Sheth


I feel like my private lessons are more tailored for their body. I’m also more comfortable when I don’t have an answer to a question about their body or don’t quite understand why they feel something – I feel that I’m able to work with them on these issues. I think this has built more trust between me and my clients. This training is great if you went from teaching public classes and then started picking up private clients. Teaching private clients requires different skills than the skills you use to teach a group class and it’s nice to have some codified tools to help you do this. It’s also a great training to grow your overall teaching skills – it helped me to show up more for my students.

Cory Miller

Washington, DC

I have tons of friends who are taking teachers trainings but this is the only one that targets the specifics of the private one-on-one-ness and how that is structured.

Tracey Palmer

NYC and Sag Harbor, NY

(As a result of studying with Francesca) I’ve been introduced to a field of yoga teachers and people from very different backgrounds and have a larger perspective on what people who engage in private sessions want and might expect. I’ve noticed more willingness on my part to improvise, not plan, hook onto repeated movement we both find that seems to feel good and in general, an awareness that they need to leave feeling better, not fixed. The social, business and self-care practices/standards referred to are critical to anyone starting a private healthcare practice.

Tessa Chandler


I felt reaffirmed in what I’m doing as a teacher and it gave me some tools to help grow. I also felt generally inspired. I think authentic communication/learning is inspiring/motivating beyond the specifics of what is being taught to life in general People who take the training are going to be inspired”

Sophie Dorsey


The value of the self-awareness of how one conducts themselves in front of others is invaluable and a humbling process we should all have the privilege to experience.

Sarah Slaughter

Washington, DC and Beijing

I am…more focused on what the client really needs at that moment and providing that.

Nooshen Amiri

Bethesda, MD

This program…has been invaluable. I have closed the distance…between myself and my students…I feel confident in my ability to meet a client where they are…I would recommend this training to any yoga teacher looking to teach privately or…looking to deepen their relationships with their students.

Michael Peterson

Washington, DC

I have a deep gratitude for what is being offered…there are always opportunities to learn more and hone your skills.

Megan Goode


I feel like I’ve come away with much more than I was looking for. I think this course would be a valuable addition to any or all yoga teacher trainings. Francesca’s depth of knowledge and deep insights into teaching privately are invaluable. She presents the information with candor and warmth with the spirit of a teacher’s teacher.

Lynda Sing


Mostly what has changed is my willingness and ability to trust myself. Not only as a yoga teacher but in my life overall. It’s been great to spend the time cultivating a relationship to my intuition in a conscious way.

Lauren Swanekamp

Hamilton, NJ

(I have an) improved overall sense of myself as the professional. I think I have slowed down and am listening more to who they (my clients) are. I think the information should be included in every yoga training.

Karen Donelson

Montclair, NJ