62: Q + A About Private Lessons with Francesca #2

Teaching yoga one-on-one requires a totally different skill set than teaching group classes and these unique skills are left out of most teacher trainings so if you have lots of questions about teaching 1×1 lessons that makes sense. I’ve been a full time yoga teacher since 2005, teaching 15-25 private clients a week for most of the last 14+ years so I’ve got plenty of experience in this realm and am so happy to answer your questions! 

In this episode I do a Quickfire Q + A and answer these questions:

  •  Is it rude if I bring a swiffer and clean my student’s practice space?
  • What should my cancellation policy be? And does it have to work both ways?
  • Do you have an initial assessment/interview session to get to know your client and their needs?
  • How do you best serve a client that you feel would benefit from a slower paced practice that always asks for a more challenging, faster pace class with difficult poses?
  • What is the protocol for raising rates on existing private clients?
  • What does it mean to meet students where they are?
  • And more! 

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    I did a Q + A about private lessons last year too! Check out that episode here

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    1. Maria

      Franchesca, This is so well done and helpful to all of us, no matter how long we have been teaching.


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