92: Q+A Planning And Progress In Private Lessons #3

Teaching yoga in 1×1 settings is such a wonderful way to inspire and support meaningful change in our student’s lives. But the possibilities for what and how you could teach a private lesson are endless and as a teacher that can feel overwhelming! How do you decide what to focus on?? 

Teaching yoga one-on-one requires a different skill set than teaching group classes, and these unique skills are left out of most teacher trainings. In this podcast episode I’ll share the simple framework I use to teach private lessons in a way that is balancing and helpful for my students without being draining for me and I answer questions like:

  • What is your class format for a private session? How do you make it special? 
  • Many folks don’t have a clear objective in mind. How do you help people figure out what they want to work on?
  • Are your zoom privates cheaper than your in person privates?
  • How are you gauging private client progress within a session or group of sessions?  What metrics do you use to measure goals and how do you monitor achievable outcomes for physical, mental and emotional progress?
  •  How do you stay on time, particularly when wrapping up to leave?
  • Plus, I answer a bonus question about bakasana!

Resources Mentioned In The Episode:

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