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Balance Transitions + Steady Core

Thursday Jul 8th, 2021 12:15pm to 1:00pm ET

Megan Spears (she/her)

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Megan Spears been practicing yoga for 15 years and teaching full-time for 6 years. When you take class with Megan, know that she will geek out with you as you learn about your body, your movement patterns, and gather your favorite meditation practices.  Megan has been training for as long as she has been teaching. Her foundational training is in power yoga. Her recent mentors include Caitlin Casella, Francesca Cervero, Lara Heimann, Cecily Milne, Lorin Roche (meditation) and Mandy Eubanks (subtle body and trauma-informed yoga). When she’s not teaching, she’s likely walking with a friend, re-writing this bio, or doing homework.

This class builds on the teachings from Level 1 and Level 1/2. More complex pranayama may be taught as well as more challenging physical poses. Chaturanga and Urdva Dhanurasana will be introduced at this level. Some basic inversions and arms balances may be taught in this class.