48: Not Teaching Yoga Anymore with Caitlin Casella

The path of a career yoga teacher can be a circuitous one. I find it so helpful to hear how different teachers navigate that terrain, and today we get to hear from Caitlin Casella, who has been teaching yoga and leading teacher trainings for a decade! Since adding strength training and other functional movement modalities to her repertoire, her practice and priorities have shifted. Now, as she pursues her Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Caitlin’s aim is to make movement more accessible to the general population and demystify the science of the human body.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why Caitlin stopped referring to the movement practice that she teaches as Yoga and what sparked that shift.
  • The emotional process Caitlin navigated as she made this change in her teaching.
  • The yoga poses that Caitlin finds irrelevant, and how she suggests shifting them to make them more useful.
  • Some of the roadblocks we see other teachers run into as they try to make their teaching safer or more thoughtful when it comes to optimal musculoskeletal function… and…
  • The advice we can offer them from our experience!

Learn More From Caitlin:

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  • Check out her website
  • Listen to her podcast, Practice Human, right here
  • Check out Cross Fade (a mentorship for yoga teachers that runs from June 3rd – Sept 1st 2019)

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