2: No Right & No Wrong? Why Teaching Yoga Is So Scary!

Welcome to the second episode of The Mentor Sessions Podcast. Today’s show is going to address why teaching yoga can feel so scary. {!!} As a teacher, it can often feel like there is a great deal of pressure to know everything. And while in-depth study is incredibly important, I also want to release you from some of the know everything pressure that can make it impossible to be present for your teaching. I will share some of my own experiences and guiding principles so that you might go into your next class a brighter and more confident version of yourself!  
Also in this episode:  

  • Why a lack of confidence can come from a dependence on our learned knowledge.  
  • I share the maps that I have studied that inform my practice.  
  • Some advice for coming to a settled place in the midst of big, unanswerable questions.  
  • The benefits of holding a space for inquiry with your students.
  • Common teacher responses to the all the Shades of Grey that is at the heart of teaching yoga.
  • The kinds of cues I give in my yoga classes that teach discernment, presence and awareness.

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