My ‘perfect’ work day, and what it took to get me there…

I had the most perfect work day on Wednesday and I had to tell you about it!

This is important though: It wasn’t perfect because I crossed off every item on my to do list {I didn’t come close}. It wasn’t a great day because it was easy, or I felt magically happy all day. {I was tired and parts of it were really hard!}

I’m not writing to tell you about my “perfect work day” to impress you or pat myself on the back. I want to share the story of my day so that you know it is possible to combine all your favorite parts of teaching and living into the kind of work day you most desire. I loved my day yesterday because it was the kind of day I have been working towards with awareness and intention for a long time. Yesterday was “perfect” because I was fully present for all of life’s complexities and I got to do several of the fun/hard things I love doing!

All the varied parts of my teaching and business life are coming together, and this is what a perfect work day looks like for me right now! {And just for the record, I didn’t have time to cook much or see friends, and I wasn’t responsible for taking care of anyone all day, so it was very much a work day. It is not an accurate portrayal of my whole complex life.}

Want the breakdown? Here it is::

6:45am: Jim and Beth

They are an adorable, new-to-yoga couple that live a 7 minute drive from me. Teaching them is an awesome way to start the day! {Working with them does keep me on my toes though…they have totally different needs and abilities, so creating a session for them on the spot that is accessible and useful for them both is a fun challenge.}

9:30am: Vinyasa class at Georgetown Yoga {It was with a great teacher whom I hadn’t met before–Joan Wadopian, go take her class if you live in DC!}

11:15am: New Client {Teaching brand new clients is soooo fun/hard!}

1-4pm: home for lunch and phone meetings

2-3pm: Call with director of a mental health center about offering yoga classes there

3-3:45pm: Call with a yoga teacher in NYC who was seeing three of my clients that day

4:45pm: New Client {See above…this is really exciting as I’ve been working to build my practice, but new people require new, fresh energy…}

7pm: Dharma Talk and Sitting Practice with Tara Brach

Also, I had four sessions happening in NYC with my dearly beloved former clients, and their new and talented teachers. I spent years cultivating and investing in the relationships with my long time clients in NYC and I love those people immensely. I have also now spent several years mentoring and supporting the teachers who work for me in NYC and I love them dearly as well. I spent a full year preparing and facilitating the relationship between my clients and their new yoga teachers, and that transition is going really well!

Yesterday felt like the day I had been working towards for years. I taught three yoga sessions in Washington, DC. I had time both for a great yoga class and to sit and practice meditation with one of my favorite teachers. My NYC clients had yoga sessions with fantastic teachers who work for me and this allowed me to both continue to support my former clients even though I moved away and offer work to talented teachers, two parts of my business that are high priorities for me.

This is all possible because of the work I have done in several areas:

  • I have continued doing the work to become a more skillful and articulate teacher. {and I still have an active, regular teaching practice}
  • I have devoted time and energy into my own practice and self care.
  • In some ways, the most meaningful action I have taken is the investment I have made in business training.

Two of my favorite yoga business teachers have teamed up with Yoga Journal to offer a super comprehensive online course, and I can’t recommend Justin and Karen enough.

Justin and Karen are two of the world’s leading yoga business experts {and wonderful yoga teachers as well} and their course will help take your business to a whole new level of performance and success. You will get a lot done during this 10-week course – imagine how it would feel if you knew…

  • How to define your self-worth and how much to charge for your services
  • How to retain your students and get them to commit to a consistent practice
  • How to differentiate yourself from other yoga teachers
  • How to fill up retreats, workshops, and events that actually turn a profit
  • How to build a stream of steady passive income
  • How to consistently attract new clients
  • How to handle technology, social media, and marketing.
  • How to sell to your students without sounding or feeling “sales-ey”
  • How to be empowered in business while keeping the sacred spirit of yoga
  • How to build programs that are fully aligned with your most authentic truth

If you’re ready to dive into developing your yoga business, I really recommend you check out their course here. For a limited time, you can receive $100 off by using this code: BOY100FC. Click here to get all the details on the course!

Tell me dear ones…what do you think you need to work on to create the work day of your dreams?

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  1. Nityda

    Francesca, Thank you for being real. I find your writings relatable and inspiring and appreciate you sharing your journey.

    • Francesca Cervero

      You are so welcome Nityda! Thank you for being a part of our community here. XO


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