Refill Your Well: Move + Rest Retreat in Duck, NC

Thursday October 17th – Sunday October 20th

Our busy lives leave little time to pause, rest and recharge. Even so, all that running around doesn’t quite have the energizing effect of challenging and fun exercise. Give yourself the gift of both strong movement AND deep rest with three days and nights in North Carolina’s beautiful Outer Banks.

Refill Your Well with:

  • a two hour active, invigorating asana practice every morning
  • beautiful, healthy food prepared by a professional chef
  • a gentle, restorative yoga class every afternoon
  • all the dishes cleaned and put away by someone that isn’t you
  • lazy afternoons to to walk on the beach, read on the porch, take a nap or get a massage

Each morning will start with a serve yourself breakfast followed by an active and invigorating 2 hour asana practice. A big, yummy brunch will be served each day at 11:30am and then you’ll have the afternoon to walk on the beach, read on the porch, take a nap or get a massage. We’ll meet back up for a restorative yoga class and meditation practice at 4:30pm, before another delicious meal at 6:30pm.


Arrive Thursday afternoon

  • 4:30 – 6pm Gentle Yoga Class
  • 6:30pm – Big Welcome Dinner

Friday and Saturday

  • 7am light, serve yourself breakfast of muffins, granola, coffee, etc.
  • 9am – 11am Strong, Active Yoga Class
  • 11:30am Big Yummy Brunch

free time (beach walk, nap, massage, porch sit)

  • 4:30pm – 6pm Meditation + Restorative Yoga Class
  • 6:30pm Big Yummy Dinner


  • 7am light, serve yourself breakfast
  • 9am-11am Strong, Active Yoga Class
  • Optional brunch together before driving home!

The House

There is no better time to be in the Outer Banks than mid-October! The summer vacationers are long gone, hurricane season is over and the temps are still warm enough to enjoy long, lazy walks on the beach. Our house is in the Four Seasons neighborhood which is a 10 minute walk to the beach along a pretty path and a very short walk to the soundside boardwalk to take you into the town of Duck.  You’ll also have access to a fitness club and indoor pool in the neighborhood!

The Yoga Studio

All our yoga classes will take place at a yoga studio just a mile from the house. There is a lovely boardwalk along the sound that will take you the whole way there if you’d like. There is also plenty of free parking if you prefer to drive.  The yoga studio is beautiful and quiet, has all the props we need AND has a gorgeous sound view!

The Practice

The active morning class will begin with somatic practices and therapeutic exercises to slowly prepare the body for more vigorous work. The class will build to a strong, flowing vinyasa practice. Opportunities for advanced work on inversions and arm balances will be rounded out by a nice long restorative savasana. The whole class will not be suitable for people new to the practice or working with significant injuries, but the first 30 minutes are accessible for everyone.

The gentle afternoon class will consist of very gentle movement, restorative yoga supported deeply by extra props and simple guided meditations. The class is appropriate for all people.

An Important Note: If you or a loved one would like to come on the retreat, but think the full 2 hour morning class will be inappropriate for you, please know you are very welcome anyway! The first 30 minutes of the morning class will include therapeutic and corrective exercises and gentle somatic warm ups. You are totally welcome to come and practice for the first 30 minutes and then duck out early to go for an extra long walk on the beach.

The Food

We have an amazing chef, Katie Baxter,  joining us to prepare beautiful, healthy, local food for all our meals!

Pricing / Lodging

King 1 with private bath $1,250 for 1 or $750 per person

(image of room: left)


King 2 with private bath $1,250 for 1 or $750 per person

(image of room: right)


King 3 with private bath $1,250 for 1 or $750 per person

(image of room: left)


Queen with shared bath $1,100 for 1 or $650 per person

(image of room: right)


2 Singles with shared bath $750

(image of room: left)


4 Singles with shared bath $650

(image of room: right)