5: Mindful Strength with Guest Teacher Kathryn Bruni-Young

Kathryn Bruni-Young is the founder of the Mindful Strength method of teaching and one of my favorite teaching inspirations. Kathryn has been teaching for 11 years, and while her roots are in traditional yoga practices and teaching, more recently she has become a proponent of incorporating strength training into her movement practice. She also wants to empower and equip teachers to begin to move into more strength training in a way that feels authentic and refreshing. I am so excited for you to learn about this unique way of teaching movement, and I know you will be ready to unlock your own inner strength once we are done!  

More to learn in this episode:  

  • Kathryn shares her teaching lineage and how it has evolved over the past 11 years.  
  • What happens when you move away from teaching strict old-school asana and into more types of varied movement.  
  • How strength training fuels our confidence.  
  • Why well rounded mobility increases your stability.
  • Kathryn’s advice to teachers who want to begin introducing strength training into their practice.   
  • Incorporating pushing and pulling motion in your yoga mat practice.  

Important Links:

  • For exercises, inspiration, and teacher resources, follow Kathryn on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Check out Kathryn’s online home at her website here.
  • Kathryn’s teacher Ida Portal can be found here.

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