97: Masks, Vaccines + Polarization In The Yoga Community with Wolf Terry

As you are well aware, we are living through a devastating public health crisis and masks and vaccines are our most important wellness tools right now (BY FAR). We know from our spiritual study that we are all interconnected, and none of us are truly well unless we are all well.

I know this is a divisive topic in the yoga world and that makes it even more important that we talk about it. My guest today is Wolf Terry (she/her), a retired e-ryt and a contributing writer for Yoga Journal. Before walking away from the seat of the teacher, Wolf had taught over 2000 hours of classes, teacher trainings, and workshops, while answering letters for her former Yoga Journal advice column, Wolf Wisdom. Wolf is now a full-time writer, writing coach, social justice, mental health, and public health activist. She is originally from Maine, but now resides in Colorado with her husband and son.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • why it was so important for Wolf to write the essay for Yoga Journal entitled, Getting Vaxxed Was My Act of Ahimsa 
  • the response Wolf received from the yoga community after that essay was published
  • why it is more important that ever that we mask up (yes, even if you’re vaxxed)
  • why the yoga world is polarized on these topics (hint: white supremacist capitalism is a big part of the problem!)
  • the most common misinformation spreading about the vaccines
  • the responsibility we have to each other as a community of yoga teachers and practitioners
  • the response from my students at my last in-person class in 2020 (I cry every time I tell this story!)
  • how to talk to those in our communities who are vaccine hesitant 

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