Why I love {and struggle with} running my own business…

Everyone is full of business and money related questions and I am so happy to discuss and answer them! But first, a warm up conversation. 🙂 {Money and business questions will be answered next week, I promise!}

A good friend of mine, Kelly Newsome of Higher Ground Yoga, interviewed me to include my thoughts on business in her Business Primer for yoga teachers. {Do ya’ll know her? You should, she is awesome!} While it doesn’t answer any of your nuts and bolts questions of running a business, it does get to some of the deeper reasons why I love {and struggle} with running my own business, what motivates me the most, and the mantra I offer to new business owners.

1. What is the best thing about having your own business? The worst?

The best thing about running my own business is how creative I get to be. I only have to create programs and work on projects that light me up. That is a tremendous gift.

The worst? Hmmm…let me think. Is there a worst part?

I guess it would be this:: There is very little separation between my work life and my home life.

In many ways, this is by design. I love what I do so much, and I want to be able to work from home in my pjs. {Like, I REALLY want to be able to work from home in my pjs. A good portion of my professional goals are focused on creating that…} This also means that if I am not careful, I end up working 80 hours a week and missing out on time with friends, time in nature, time to sleep…etc. That is no good. But another “best part” about this all is that the way I manage my schedule is in my control. I just have to put clear intentions into my life/day/practice to get off the computer by 8pm, and take at least one whole day each week away from work.

2.  What are a few of your favorite resources that support your business soul (books, blogs, magazines, friends, etc.)?

Number One best resource for sure is Racheal Cook, founder of the Yogipreneur.

She is a great friend, and an amazing resource for entrepreneurial yogis.

I like Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte for basic business advice and inspiration.

David Ryan of Healing Arts Web Design did my website and he is a genius as well as fantastic to work with. I’ll never use anyone else.

 What really supports my business soul is my meditation practice, which has been greatly supported by teachers and authors Sara Avant Stover, Tara Brach, and Camille Maurine.

3. If you could change 3 things from your business past, what would you do differently?

Gosh. I really can’t think of anything I would change?? It is not that it has always been easy. Much of the time I spent building this business was incredibly hard and required me to work far too much. But I learned so much in that time, and it has shaped the way I want my business and life to feel moving forward {as in, not at all like it felt for the past few years of working 80+ hour weeks consistently for months…} So, not to be a huge cheeseball, but I wouldn’t trade in any of the experiences I’ve had so far.

4. What is something that you’ve learned in your entrepreneur experience that motivates you?

When you are really clear about who you are as a teacher, and what you feel passionate about, making decisions about what to do next are effortless. I see so many entrepreneurial yogis who are flitting around from project to project, or are constantly wondering if they are doing the “right” thing for their business. I feel incredibly blessed that I never feel like that. I feel motivated to continue to do my inner work, so that my authentic desires can gracefully guide my outer life.

5. If you could share a “work mantra” with new business owners, what would it be?

Who am I? What do I want to offer? Who am I uniquely suited to serve?

Just keep sitting with those ideas and the path will be illuminated.

 This is what I really want you to take away from this:: When you feel motivated to continue to do your inner work, your authentic desires can gracefully guide your outer life. {Tweet it!}

Share with us! What are a few of your favorite resources that support your business soul?

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