Introducing My New Podcast…The Mentor Sessions: Support + Strategy for Yoga Teachers is Here!

I am soooooo excited about what i get to share with you today! This has been a loooooooong time coming, and I finally get to announce that my podcast is ready for you!

The Mentor Sessions: Support + Strategy for Yoga Teachers
with Francesca Cervero
{that’s me!} is finally here!!

Here is why I do what I do:

Making the deeply healing benefits of yoga and its sister practices more accessible has the power to transform the world we live in. An important part of making smart, mindful, therapeutic yoga more widely available is for all of us to continue to deepen and evolve as teachers.

I believe the depth that arises in teaching comes from inquiry and relationship, not from collecting information from gurus.

I see two different kinds of actions one must take to become a better yoga teacher. The first kind of action includes study, observation and practice. The second kind of action is about taking that information and rolling it around in your own practice and processing the information with fellow teachers. That is where this podcast comes in!

I want the yoga world to have higher standards for quality teaching AND better support networks for teachers, and I want this podcast to be at the forefront of those discussions.

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I’m here to offer nourishing support to help you feel more confident in your teaching and realistic strategy to help you find more clarity on your career path.

We’re kicking things off with three episodes for you to dive right into!

Episode #1: Introducing the Mentor Sessions: A Conversation With Francesca Cervero + Racheal Cook 

Join me here for a conversation with my former business coach and good friend Racheal Cook! Rachel is the founder of, and she was instrumental in helping my teaching practice grow into what it is today. I cannot think of a better person to help me kick off this podcast!  In this interview, I share some inside scoop about myself, my business, the work that I do every day, and my plans for this podcast.

Episode #2: No Right & No Wrong?  Why Teaching Yoga Is So Scary!

This episode is going to address why teaching yoga can feel so scary. {!!} As a teacher, it can often feel like there is a great deal of pressure to know everything. And while in-depth study is incredibly important, I also want to release you from some of the know everything pressure that can make it impossible to be present for your teaching. I will share some of my own experiences and guiding principles so that you might go into your next class a brighter and more confident version of yourself! 

Episode #3: Yoga Deconstructed with Guest Teacher Trina Altman 

I am excited to bring to you the wisdom, experience, and enthusiasm of my friend Trina Altman. Trina is a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor who is passionate about varied movement. Rather than rigidly adhering to one school of movement, Trina was unable to unlock the potential of her own body by combining the tenets of both Yoga and Pilates, and she brings an embodied and wise awareness to movement of all kinds. I think her perspective is great for teachers who feel a little confined by one type of yoga, and are ready to explore the wide world of varied movement. You’ll leave with more than a little bit of wisdom, I assure you!

I can’t wait to connect with you in this new way! And…. I’ve got a few requests for you. 🙂

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