21: How To Teach Private Clients Who are Yoga Skeptics

On today’s newest podcast episode it is just you and I! I am excited to connect with you 1×1 and answer a question I get asked all the time!

“What is the best way to teach someone who is skeptical or unsure about yoga?”

I get asked this question frequently because this is something I have done quite a bit of! In my private practice in New York City I ended up with a schedule full of clients who were interested in the benefits they felt were possible with a yoga practice, but felt uncomfortable going to a yoga studio.

There are many different reasons that people could feel uncomfortable going to a yoga studio. The students I worked with most often were people who thought they would find weird new age stuff or a conflicting religious practice in a yoga studio, so that kept them away from yoga until they met with me for private yoga lessons.

In brief: We need to be able to Meet Our Students Where They Are and offer them practices that are immediately useful in ways that are totally accessible to them. Today’s episode will offer some ideas about how to integrate these ideas into your teaching right away. I’ll  give you an example, step by step, of what a session with a Yoga Skeptic might look like. You’ll also hear a detailed story about a Yoga Skeptic I taught who’s practice changed dramatically in the years I taught him!

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2 Responses to “21: How To Teach Private Clients Who are Yoga Skeptics”

  1. maya

    This was fantastic advice! Thank you thank u thank u.
    Have you published a book already?
    I would definetly buy it x

    • Francesca Cervero

      Oh good, I’m so glad that helped! I haven’t written a book (yet!) but the manual for my teacher training is practically the length of a book! 🙂


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