14: How To Support + Inspire a Student’s Home Practice

Today I am going to answer one of the questions other teachers ask me most frequently: How do you encourage your students to commit to a home yoga practice?

I have tried almost every option out there, and I’ve landed on a way that I think works best. It must be working because every single one of my private clients has a home yoga practice they do most days AND (huge bonus) it requires ZERO extra work on my part!

In today’s episode my co-host Serena and I will share some success stories and talk about all the ways we like support and inspire a student’s home practice without making it feeling like one more thing on their to do list.

Also in this episode:  

  • why I let the student guide me to the point where I offer support in their home practice
  • the ways I personally enjoy practicing at home
  • our best guided relaxation tips
  • why presenting these practices as soft place to land is what makes the biggest difference

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