49: How To Offer Modifications in a Group Class with Gabby DeLorenze

It is common for yoga students to come into class, tell us they have an injury and expect us to be able to modify for them or at least give them ideas as to what they should avoid. If those moments before class make you nervous then today’s podcast episode is for you! Gabby DeLorenze has her Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training, a Master’s degree in Biomechanics, a certification from NASM as a Certified Exercise Specialist and is also a yoga teacher and today we’re going to talk all about how to offer modifications in a group yoga class.

In this episode you’ll hear us talk about a few of the common injuries that people bring into a yoga class and what teachers might suggest for those students including,

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Pain in knee, both in flexion or weight bearing
  • Pain in shoulder, especially in overhead movements
  • Pain in shoulder due to rotator cuff injury
  • Pain in lower back

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