{video} How To Know When To Give Up A Group Class

As yoga teachers, we are responsible for creating our own work schedule. This can be really rewarding and it also can be challenging! Building and maintaining a teaching schedule that pays the bills and allows us to keep our sanity can be quite the juggling act! If you think you might have one too many classes on your schedule, this video is for you.

It can be uncomfortable to consider letting go of a class that we love teaching. I just had to do this, so I totally get it. In this video I recorded live inside of my Facebook group for yoga teachers, Elevate, I talk a bit about my process as I decided to give up a group class, and I’ll share a formula to help YOU decide what to do if you have in the same boat. 

In the video, I mention this podcast episode which will offer you a chance to dive deeper into the topic! 

2 Responses to “{video} How To Know When To Give Up A Group Class”

  1. nicole

    thank you, Francesa for this video! Really helped me think about one of my classes. My ending thought on this one class is….. I know it might not be a class I have much longer but I am willing and able to give it a year and then reevaluate. Also, this video made me think about is there a formula to know if it’s time to pick up a class? I am currently not teaching in a public studio space. I am doing privates and corporate organizations while going to school online to finish my bachelor’s degree and working part-time. So time is tight! But I can’t shake this feeling like I need to be in a public space to build community so that one day my teaching can support me fully. Thank you for listening and all that you do for fellow yoga teachers! Peace- Nicole

    • Francesca Cervero

      Hi Nicole! These are great thoughts and questions, thank you for sharing! I think it is great to teach an open class in a public space! The question is– do you have time right now? Do you have at least one whole day off? A day when you have no work, no teaching and no school classes? If you don’t, it might not be the right time to put more on your plate. Let me know what you think and any other questions that come up!


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