47: How To Hold Space with Octavia Raheem

Today I am THRILLED to introduce you to yoga teacher, writer, mama and studio owner, Octavia Raheem. This episode stands out as an all time favorite; the deep wisdom and beautiful words that Octavia shared felt like a salve for a wound I’d hardly even noticed was there.

This path of teaching yoga asks us to constantly look at ourselves in deeper and more curious ways, and to process that intense work with a fellow sister on the path offered a joyful relief.  Listen in and enjoy our conversation!

Octavia Raheem leads a yoga and meditation teacher training called Be Still, Then Move at her home studio, Sacred Chill {West} in Atlanta, GA and offers ongoing continuing education and mentorship to yoga teachers.

In this episode you’ll hear:

    • Octavia’s advice for new teachers just starting on their path
    • A conversation about what it means to “hold space”
    • How Octavia recommends teachers deepen their ability to hold space for their students
    • How to create community with your fellow yoga teachers
    • What happens when yoga teachers are in purposeful, empowering inquiry together
    • And more!

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2 Responses to “47: How To Hold Space with Octavia Raheem”

  1. Ganga

    Wow! This was a powerful episode. Got me thinking more deeply about holding space… In particular, the Breathwork training I’m doing at the moment has revealed how I allow myself to be held (and guess what? it’s not unconditional yet). And Octavia’s amazing descriptions of honoring the process were a perfect frame to this topic. Francesca, thank you for naming how hard it can be to describe energetic experiences! And thank you both for reminding me of the infinitely deep healing potential of being a witness to our students. I know this in my bones (as you would say, Francesca!) — and still, sometimes part of me forgets. Again and again, thank you!

    • Francesca Cervero

      You are so so welcome! And thank you for joining this conversation! Yes– describing energetic experience is difficult, and I think Space Holding is an important aspect of our teaching to name and discuss. I feel so lucky to have you and Octavia and our whole community here processing this together. <3


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