42: How Side Gigs and Great Referrals Can Build Your Private Yoga Practice with Janie Ganga

Janie Ganga Fronek is a teacher of the Integrated Amrit Method of Yoga. Janie Ganga began practicing Amrit yoga in 2002 as a weekly student – until shifts in her life led her to Amrit Level I (RYT 200) certification in 2013. She believes in Health at Every Size – the simple premise that the best way to improve health is to honor your body – and offers Size-Affirming yoga workshops and Chair Yoga. Janie Ganga teaches private yoga & weekly group classes in Providence Rhode Island and she loves helping to make the ancient teachings of yoga accessible to ALL.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • how a side gig at Whole Foods has helped grow her yoga business
  • stories of some of the most meaningful transformations Janie has been able to support in her students
  • how finding a deep trust in herself changed Janie’s teaching more than anything
  • why she was reluctant to take the online version of The Science of the Private Lesson™, and why she is so happy she did
  • how to best build community in a small town

Learn More From Janie, and other resources mentioned in the episode:

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