75: Where Do We Go From Here? with Amber Karnes + Susanna Barkataki

Creating and connecting with community has been one of my most important practices this year. I have a weekly Sunday night Zoom hangout with my best friends from college. I’m in a quarantine pod with my parents and have dinner with them most weeks. I have regular Slack and text chats with the Stillness + Movement teaching team. Checking in, venting, processing, uplifting, fantasizing and being together keeps me awake, grounded and grateful.

The Where Do We Go From Here? series here on The Mentor Sessions has been such a great excuse to get some of my favorite yoga teacher colleagues on Zoom to process together, and out loud, where you can all listen in!! 

This is the fifth and final episode in the series, for now, and I can’t wait for you to hear it! Susanna Barkataki and Amber Karnes are some of my most treasured yoga friends, and just talking to them lifted my spirits. The work they are both doing in the world is vitally important and they do it with such clarity and compassion. They inspire me and I know you’ll feel the same way! 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What has been hard for Amber and Susanna this year, and what they have lost
  • An important conversation about who is missing from our spaces and why 
  • Why online teaching is working well for the three of us and some things listeners can do to make their online teaching feel more sustainable
  • The ways in which teaching online has made things more accessible 
  • When we each think we might teach in-person again

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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