38: Full Time Teaching in San Francisco with Raquel Scalon

Over the next few weeks we’re doing something really special here on The Mentor Sessions. I’m going to introduce you to five amazing yoga teachers all of whom are engaged in active and full teaching practices in very different parts of the world! These five teachers also happen to be alumni from my teacher training, The Science of the Private Lesson™, and you’ll get to hear directly from them what has happened in their teaching and business since our time together. First up is Raquel!

Raquel Scalon is a full-time private yoga teacher in San Francisco. She specializes in delivering therapeutic and goal-oriented private yoga lessons to busy professionals, people healing from injuries, athletes and working mamas. She’s been teaching since 2010 and has an extensive background in therapeutics, functional movement and fascial release. Raquel’s teaching style is straightforward, lighthearted and informative.

A great place to find Raquel online is on her YouTube channel Raquel SF Yoga, which focuses on developing a strong yoga foundation peppered with alignment and practices anyone can follow.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • the complete breakdown of Raquel’s teaching schedule
  • how Raquel defines “floating clients” and how she makes them work in her schedule
  • why she decided to create a YouTube channel
  • how Raquel decides and stays focused on and themes for each month, PLUS what she is teaching right now!
  • why Raquel has taken The Science of the Private lesson twice

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5 Responses to “38: Full Time Teaching in San Francisco with Raquel Scalon”

  1. Lori Mills

    Francescsa, I am enjoying hearing about teaching private yoga classes from you. Will check out your upcoming new class.

  2. Jeannette

    Hi Francesca, I love all your awesome content – it is so relevant and helpful, and this podcast is no exception. What resonated with me a lot is how Raquel says she has a theme and sequence per month. I am always struggling with the self-created pressure of creating something new and different every time which takes a) a lot of energy and b) time and I have wondered if there isn’t a better way. I wonder if I could ask a question about that. Does Raquel use that theme and sequence only for her public group classes and regardless of whether she teaches that same group in the same place even 2x/week? Is it the exact same thing every time during the month or is the focus the same but asana can be different with progressions added, or poses that are similar but not the same? Is there any difference between the classes that month or are they really all the same? Thank you so much for any input on that!


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