41: Deep Dive Teaching in Luzerne, Switzerland with Karen Kurzmeyer

Over the next few weeks we’re doing something new here on The Mentor Sessions. I’m going to introduce you to five amazing yoga teachers all of whom are engaged in active teaching practices in different parts of the country, and world!  These five teachers also happen to be alumni from my teacher training, The Science of the Private Lesson™, and you’ll get to hear directly from them what has happened in their teaching and business since our time together. Today you get to meet Karen!

As a driven and overworked business owner, Karen began her yoga practice to help relieve stress and regain strength and flexibility. She eventually sold her language travel agency so she could dedicate her career to inspiring others to prioritize their health, wellbeing and stress relief through yoga. She lives in Luzerne, Switzerland and completed her yoga teacher training in Thailand in 2014. She specializes in teaching private clients and continues to work closely with a private yoga teacher mentor.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • an offer that Karen came up with for brand new students that I now give as homework to everyone who takes The Science of the Private Lesson™!
  • the kind of shift that is necessary when our personal practice isn’t reflected in our teaching
  • the small shift Karen made in her language that made all the difference for her students
  • how Karen developed a Deep Dive 8 week program that offers her group class and private students a more in-depth yoga (not just asana) experience

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