4: How To Deal With Schedule Drama & Chronic Re-Schedulers

Do you have Schedule Drama? I certainly do sometimes! As yoga teachers most of us are freelancers, which means we run our own small business whether we realize it or not.

We piece together a teaching schedule and a business and a life one random class at a time. If you feel like your schedule is overwhelming or disorganized or changing all the time, I’ll tell ya…I think most of us feel like that.

There is a cyclical nature to this work, so there are busy seasons and slow seasons, and change is a constant possibility when you teach at many locations or work with several private clients. Impermanence is the only constant for EVERYONE, but in our work, the unsteadiness is heightened and exaggerated.

And in a field of work that REQUIRES we are well rested & well fed, grounded & focused, AND have time for our own spiritual practice, an unpredictable schedule can be a real detriment to doing good work. Having a relatively consistent schedule is an absolute blessing, but it is HARD to create for ourselves, right?

Today, I want to give you some of my tools to help you organize your teaching schedule and face some of the more difficult challenges of working with inconsistent private clients. Let’s dive into the details!  

More to learn in this episode:

  • Shifting into a consistent schedule is difficult, but not impossible.  
  • Having an ideal teaching schedule gives you a goal to work towards.  
  • My formula to help you decide when to keep classes and when to drop them.  
  • A pep talk to inspire you to keep that class you love that doesn’t have that many students in it.  
  • Diving into the case of the “chronic rescheduler.”
  • Meeting your student where they are to elevate their commitment to the practice.

A “Keep This Class” Formula – each class must meet 4 out of the 8 criteria below:   

  • This class is incredibly challenging to teach and I am learning so much.  
  • I love the students in this class.  
  • This class pays well.
  • I love the material I get to teach in this class.  
  • I am making good contacts for potential private clients and workshop participants.
  • I love the studio space and owners of the studio.  
  • This class is a seva offering that fills my heart.  
  • This class is in a place and at a time that is easy and not draining to get to.  

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