Creating Truly Inclusive Yoga Spaces with Guest Teacher Amber Karnes

I am so excited to share this powerful conversation with you. While many yoga studios proclaim that “Everyone is Welcome!” in their classes, in today’s episode we ask, “ Are we actually teaching our classes in a way that supports that message?”.  My friend Amber Karnes is whip smart, a powerful advocate and a seasoned yoga teacher. We didn’t hold back on any difficult conversations or taboo topics in this episode on Creating Truly Inclusive Yoga Spaces.

In this episode you’ll hear:  

    • The difference between saying “everyone is welcome” and actually creating an accommodating space.
    • How to modify foundational poses to make them more accessible.
    • Examples of specific language Amber recommends teachers avoid in their group classes and what  you can say instead.
    • What to expect when teaching larger bodies.  
    • The best ways to level and name classes and the problem we see with All Levels classes.
    • How we can disrupt the cycle of a non-diverse pool of teachers.
    • How I realized I could be contributing more to the diverse yoga culture I want to support.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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3 Responses to “Creating Truly Inclusive Yoga Spaces with Guest Teacher Amber Karnes”

  1. Lisa

    I loved this podcast and Amber! This philosophy is totally in line with the style I teach Prime of Life Yoga(40+). I believe there is no perfect pose only what suits the individual in the moment…..I use the phrase Personal Comfortable Maximum PCM (my little acronym)….Thanks for sharing.. Lisa 🙂

    • Francesca Cervero

      I am so happy to hear that Lisa, and so honored to have you as a part of this community. I love Amber too! 🙂


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