94: What Compelling Marketing Looks Like with Mado Hesselink

I often feel like marketing is hard, and the things the “experts” tell us to do are slimy and also don’t work. You feel me?

That’s why I’m so excited to have Mado Hesselink (she/they) on the show today!

After teaching yoga for ten years, Mado met their fairy godmother business coach. She appeared in their life just long enough to plant the seeds that good business and good yoga can co-exist.

Mado nurtured those seeds by studying all things business, marketing, and productivity and to her surprise found a new passion: finding the places where business principles and yoga principles overlap in order to help yoga teachers make a bigger impact with their teaching.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • the most important steps a new yoga teacher needs to take to get themselves set up 
  • why marketing is so hard 
  • what compelling marketing looks and sounds like
  • the difference between a target market and a niche
  • what good market research looks like
  • the best way for new teachers to find students

Learn More From Mado:

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