56: Avoiding Burnout: Self Care, Boundaries + Daily Routines

I hear frequently from yoga teachers who feel burned out and are trying to figure out how to dig themselves out of that hole. I know it can be so tough! We become yoga teachers because we love the practice and are initially so excited to share it with others, but the realities of making a living as a yoga teacher can be very challenging. We find ourselves working constantly without making much money or the practice that once was a private spiritual life raft has become a public performance and sometimes that makes it lose some of its specialness. 

In today’s podcast episode we are going to talk all about:

  • Why yoga teachers get burned out
  • Why the structure of our society sometimes makes it difficult to take care of ourselves and our families while teaching yoga
  • What we can do with our teaching schedule to avoid burnout
  • How to know if we should be hustling for more clients and classes OR NOT
  • Why having clear boundaries about time and money go a long way in helping us avoid burnout
  • How to manage Student/Teacher relationships to protect our energy reserves
  • Two different kinds of Self Care and how to know which one you need more of right now
  • Why you need a Sustainable and Sustaining Morning Routine and how to create one

After you listen to the episode I’d love to hear how this episode landed for you! Do you have other Self Care practices that help you avoid or heal from burn out? Tell me in the comments below! 

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2 Responses to “56: Avoiding Burnout: Self Care, Boundaries + Daily Routines”

  1. lisa galizia

    I love your podcasts and videos. I took your online private yoga course and it was amazing. You are a great teacher and I totally appreciate you supporting yoga teachers and I just wanted to say Thank You!!

    • Francesca Cervero

      Lisa! Thank you so much for popping in to say hi! I’m so touched that you’ve found my work so helpful and I’m thrilled we get to stay connected here! <3


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