33: Accessibility and Community With Guest Teacher Dianne Bondy

Dianne Bondy is a celebrated yoga teacher, social justice activist and leading voice of the Yoga For All movement. Her inclusive view of yoga asana and philosophy inspires and empowers thousands of followers around the world – regardless of their shape, size, ethnicity, or level of ability and we are so lucky to have her offering her wisdom and inspiration on The Mentor Sessions podcast today!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to make yoga spaces that are supportive of marginalized populations that have been traditionally left out of the modern western yoga world.
  • What changes we hope come to the yoga world over the next several years.
  • Some of Dianne’s favorite ways to create inclusive and innovative warm-ups.
  • How to teach hands free vinyasa flows.
  • What we teachers can do to help students to trust their experience and take full agency over their bodies all the time, but especially in their yoga practice.
  • About Dianne’s upcoming book, Yoga is For Everyone: 50 Poses for Every Type of Body, including why this book needed to be written and what she hopes it brings to the yoga world.

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