Francesca Cervero Yoga and Wellness is a boutique wellness company providing private sessions in homes and offices in New York City, the Hamptons, and Washington DC. We are a small company specializing in personalized services, attention, and care.

How It All Started

I had been teaching yoga privately in Manhattan since 2005 and by the spring of 2010 my schedule was completely booked. I constantly had to turn down referrals and recommendations, but I resisted expanding the company beyond myself. I loved the personal relationships I formed with my clients and I did not want any aspect of my practice to feel corporate. It was disappointing to turn down referrals and unfortunately my clients had to work around my limited availability. I also had several clients who desperately needed various kinds of healing body work and they asked me to find someone I trusted and organize it for them. This created a shift in my perspective. Expanding the company beyond myself would be a better way to nurture my clients. I could organize other wonderful yoga teachers to teach them and vet out and schedule amazing massage therapists, Pilates teachers, and personal trainers to round out their health and wellness needs. It would also be a way to provide work to talented teachers, trainers, and therapists.

What We Offer

We are still a very small company and I have a personal relationship with all of our clients, even ones I do not regularly teach. We offer all styles of yoga, Pilates, personal training, several kinds of massage therapy, Thai Yoga Massage, pre and postnatal services, yoga for kids, and Feldenkrais.